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"I never studied art like in schools, but my passion for it has always been unwavering. Museum visits were a must, and I'm always attracted to art galleries and exhibitions.

An encounter near Vienna with the renowned Austrian artist and painter Voka many years ago ignited a fire within me to refine and enhance my skills.

Consciously choosing not to attend art school was a decision rooted in preserving and improving my own style rather than conforming to predetermined molds. I aim to blend my strokes of color into cohesive paintings.

Sometimes I talk to my paintings, confessing that they drive me crazy just like my wife can do (sorry Nathalie 😇), and at other times, I confess my love for them. And sometimes they love me back."

                                                                                                                Renato Oliboni

                                                                                                                                               a.k.a. DON


Finger Loco.jpg

"I feel like just putting color blotches together"

" We are the 4 locos, escaped from a very big painting.
I hope Jean-Marie will not find us."

_ç Locos shde.png
Beatles shade.png

"We are the fab 4, all we need is love"

"If you are interested in one of my works or want to
personalize a painting for yourself, feel free to contact me.
Contact information on the last page."

Schwini 2.png

You better buy now.

Once he's dead, you can't afford it.

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