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Supported Charity Actions

"It has always been important to me to support charity as well. Here are some examples from recent years that show how my paintings were so kind to raise money for a good cause. These paintings were auctioned or sold"

Supporting Télévie

In 2016, the ING Bank purchased this picture for 20.460.-€, representing the Luxembourg ING Marathon event, . The entire proceeds went to the cancer research Télévie Foundation.

Télévie 2016
Télévie 2016
Télévie 2014
Gaston Vogel signing his portrait

Gaston Vogel

Robert Biever

Robert Biever

Lydie Lorang.

Lydie Lorang

In Luxembourg, there has been an unsolved affair for decades.

The Bommeleeër Affair.

The main protagonists of the trial were depicted in the picture:

The star lawyers Gaston Vogel and Lydie Lorang, and the Attorney General Robert Biever. All of them signed this painting, and it was then auctioned off for Télévie 2014 for 10.500.- Euros.

Télévie 2014

Télévie 2015

This participation in that charity event was special.

We had the idea to paint and auction a picture of Thierry van Verwerke, the most popular actor in Luxembourg who sadly passed away some years before.

Then, we thought of having this painting signed by the German very famous star actor and friend of Thierry, Til Schweiger, and also by his friend and discoverer, the director Andy Bausch.

Both agreed to do this and Til Schweiger said, "Come ad meet me home in Hamburg for that," which we did. We took two paintings with us, both of which Til Schweiger signed.

The first painting was auctioned during the Télévie broadcast for 13.100.- Euros and the second painting was sold for 13.000.- Euros to a collector, and we donated all this proceeds to the Thierry van Verweke Foundation.

We informed Til Schweiger about this great results of a total of 26,100 euros, and he enthusiastically and spontaneously said, "Very cool, then I will donate an additional 13.900.- Euros myself to achieve 40.000.-. This guy has a heart of gold. We also directed his donation to the Thierry van Verweke Foundation.

Télévie 2015
Fondation Thierry van Werveke
Télévie Til Schweiger

In the middle of the two photos from 2014 and 2015, the breathtaking Barbara Agostino, an incredible and effervescent self-made power woman who eauch time won the auction. She also has a heart of gold.

Actions for life

Joëlle Lentz, tireless in their fundraising efforts for Actions for Life.

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