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Creating portraits of celebrities afforded me the chance to personally meet these individuals I've always admired. I must admit, almost all of them proved to be exceptionally gracious and accommodating. Certain encounters left a lasting impression on me, and it seemed that some of them were equally impressed themselves.

Although I'm not typically one to collect autographs, I requested these stars to immortalize themselves in my paintings with their signatures.

Gérard Depardieu 

Memorable meeting with Gérard Depardieu at the Philharmonie in Luxembourg.

"Qui a fait ça?" he said

Depardieu  .jpg

"Qui a fait ça?" he said, obviously pleased.

Depardieu signs autograph.jpg
Gérard Depardieu sign his portrait

Johnny Hallyday 

Meeting Johnny Hallyday was of course also very memorable

Johnny Hallyday.jpg
Johnny Hallyday

Charles Aznavour 

Meeting this extraordinary man at the iconic Olympia in Paris was something very special. Never will I forget this moment.

Charles Aznavour signs his portrait in Paris in front of the Olympia, saying:

 "C'est ma plus grosse signature ! ( This is my biggest autograph.)"

Charles Arznavour signing his biggest autograph
Charles Aznavour and his painting
Charles Aznavour painting
Charles Aznavour signature

Sa plus "grosse" signature



To encounter Zucchero is always a great pleasure.
He has remained such a kind and human person.

Zucchero painting.jpg
Zucchero signing his painting
Zucchero 2016 in Luxembourg
Zucchero 2 joke.jpg

"It's always a pleasure
to paint you." 😊

Sempre Zucchero

Zucchero sempre_edited_edited.jpg

Senza una donna

Lionel Richie 

Lionel Richie an his portrait
Lionel Richie signing

Til Schweiger 

Til Schweiger 1.jpg
Til Schweiger signing.jpg

This man has a particularly big heart.
He participated directly in a large charity fundraising campaign.

He invited us to Hamburg therefore. More about that in the charity section.

Signature Til.jpg

Peter Maffay 

Peter Maffay and his portrait
Peter Maffay signing

Peter Maffay, one of the nicest men in show business

 Udo Jürgens 

Udo Jürgens signing his portrait
Udo Jürgens
Udo Jürgens signature

A brief encounter with Udo Jürgens, just a few weeks before he sadly passed away.

Joan Baez 

Joan Baez.jpg
Joan Baez signature.jpg

The legend

Jean Reno

Jean Reno
Jean reno signing.his portrait

Andy Bausch

Andy Bausch and his portrait
Andy Bausch and Renato Oliboni
Andy Bausch in front of his portrait

The Troublemaker maker

Andy Schleck

Andy Schleck
Andy Schleck

Winner of Tour de France

Bob Jungels

Bob Jungels

Winner of Liège-Bastogne-Liège

Gigi Buffon

Gigi Buffon

Gigi I, with signature


GIG II before signature

Juventus - Buffon
Buffon signature

Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull)

Ian Anderson - Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson signing his portrait

Patrick Sebastien

Patrick Sebastien et son portrait
Patrick Sebastien signe son portrait

Patrick Sebastien signe son portrait à Bruxelles

Richard Berry

Richard Berry

Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri and portrait
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