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Unknown painter

The story of the painter who signs his paintings under the pseudonym  "Don" is rather unusual for an artist. About a decade ago, he decided to release some of his works.

Due to some amazing actions involving important charity events and encounters with international celebrities, they immediately attracted media attention. 

However, the artist shied away from the limelight at that time and would send his wife, Nathalie, to represent him during TV appearances or photo opportunities with celebrities. He himself did not want to be in the spotlight. 

Even today, after his name has been revealed as Renato Oliboni, he continues to sign his works with "Don." This pseudonym is not only the name of his youngest son, but "Don" also means "donation" in French. He made several donations through the sale or auction of his paintings, for example, for Télévie cancer research, which together raised a considerable amount for a good cause. 


Come and discover some of his works from different collections.

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